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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Perform – Stefano

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Stefano, Randy thinks you slayed the song; and I agree, the song is dead. I have one word for you, and it's 'forced'. From your outfit to your final note which you failed to attenuate even once, the whole performance was just too much effort. You looked intermittently like randomly selected body parts were in a vice and a clumsy marionette. Were you better than last week? Yes, but will you be in the bottom three again? Yes.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "Is Stefano going home in your opinion?"
Ryan, I don't have any delusions that Stefano will be going home empty-handed, but it's too early in the show to say, yes or no to that question. I'd say his performance wasn't great. It's too bad really, he's taking the wrong advice. If I had to speculate, I'd say he's been told he can get the teenage girl's vote if he just looks sad and emotional. Obviously, we'll find out tomorrow if that was good advice. My guess is it's not.

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  1. my pick to go home! Sorry Stefano!