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Thursday, April 14, 2011

8 Results Show – The Results

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Haley should in no way have been in the bottom three. This is a travesty. Of these four, I ouwld have picked Casey for certain. America got it wrong.

Stefano was a correct choice for the bottom as was Paul. I would have selected Jacob, however, rather than Haley. Haley waa so much stronger than Lauren.

Not getting voted off could be a turning point for Haley. She's got momentum on her side and experience in the bottom three to motivate her to reach the top three.

Should Paul have been selcted to go home, unfortunately, he has been a fish out of water for too long. He's a super nice guy, but nice doesn't necessarily sell records. He may have gotten too comfortable. He was one fo the most gracious losers ever. You will notice there wasn't a lot of crying. Perhaps Paul knew what to expect.

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