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Thursday, April 21, 2011

7 Results Show – Commentary

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What if Ryan had asked Simon, "What did you make of all the controversy over last night's show?"
What controversy?
"You know, the kiss viewed round the world and certain colorful language?"
Ryan this is show business. It's live television. This isn't a show for six year olds. But, actually, the kiss was amiss. I thought it was gratuitous and unnecessary. In my world, it put Casey automatically in the bottom three if not sends him home even if he wasn't the worst performance. It's like an inappropriate swan song. You have to hand it to Jennifer for taking this affront so well.

I'd also like to say that James's performance was the first one I could highly recommend people pay to download from iTunes®. It was something not to be missed.

Casey is safe? Wow, that's stunning. I would definitely have put him in the bottom three. As for Jacob, that was probably to be expected.

Stefano to the bottom three quite expected.

I will make the wager now, that unfortunately, Haley will be in the bottom three, not Scotty.

One of the things that's so nice about this season's contestants is they way they have been taking their blows. They are so classy.

It will be sad if Jacob goes home because of technological glitches. Nonetheless, they both have gone farther than anyone could have predicted.

Stefano's ousting was really to be expected in some ways. indeed, though he will be missed. What was powerful to me was James's response. It is clear that these contestants have bonded in ways we've not really seen in past seasons. It's endearing and speaks to the character of these young people. Unfortunately, somebody needs to wake them all up and remember this is a signing competition, not a love fest. The competitive edge is going to go to those who, without being arrogant, seize confidence and out perform their best friend.

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