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Thursday, April 21, 2011

7 Results Show – Group Performances

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Lauren, Haley, Jacob, and Stefano perform "Soul Sister" by Train

With all due respect to Train, after hearing the "Glee" version and now these guys, I wonder how everyone sings their song better than they do. This version wasn't quite as strong as the Warblers, but it most certainly was a lot of fun. Stefano was really in his element, and the girls were terrific. I cannot quite say the same thing for Jacob who simply isn't a "gangster thug".

Ford® Music Video with the American Idols® and the song "World"
By far the best vocal arrangement and performance of any of the videos. A perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.

Scotty, James, and Casey take on "Viva la Vida" by Cold Play
The opening line by Scotty proved exactly what I was talking about yesterday. James vocals and stage presence prove yet again he's got the most star quality of anyone up there with Scotty a close second. Casey, unfortunately, while vocally astute most of the times, those immature facial expressions and pouty teddy bear scruff just didn't fit with either the integrity of this powerfully moving song, nor the caliver of his singing partners. It's obvious who is the fish out of water. Unfortunatley, I hate to keep being so hard on him, but I've given critiques, and I don't see the improvements, not even little ones. Just watch the playback and look for the flubs. Casey was totally out of sync with teh choreography. I loved seeing James and Scotty perform this song. I woudl honestly pay to see them perform together as a duo. They were absolutely brilliant out of their comfort zones in this song proving they ranch of this dynamic duo. I did finally conclude that, sorry James, the scarves have got to go.

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