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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Perform – Haley

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I find it fascinating that the judges finally gave a realistic critique this many weeks into the competition. It's unfortunate they picked you for it especially after Jennifer's plea to save the girls. Ironically, I wouldn't have been as hard on you as they were. You picked a very tough song, you are certainly not Debbie Harry, but compared to Lauren's poor Miley Cyrus, you were fantastic. You brought much more of a full package performance working the stage and commanding the audience than any other performance this evening so far. I liked you, and I think America's going to keep you around for a while. Take the criticism and grow. What do you grow from more, puppy love or tough love?

What if Ryan asked Simon, "Wow, is that the first close to a love critique you've given this season?"
I don't give love critiques. I just tell people honestly how it is. Haley's performance was one of her personal bests when it comes to overall stage presence and stage management. Were her vocals a little shaky in the beginning? Maybe, but there were three before her that were worse and were told nothing. I thought Haley was charming showed great showmanship. People talking about wanting to buy front row tickets, this was a performance worth selling. The question is, was this her one hit wonder or a window into what will be to come.

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  1. Wow, Z., yes this is exactly what Simon C. would have said. He was great at noticing the diamond in a sea of rough performances. I thought it was so weird when they all railed her out, but she was actually stellar, in my opinion.