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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Perform – Lauren

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You know what I love about Lauren, that no one on this panel has an honest bone in their bodies. This was a poor song choice not because you couldn't have sung it well, nor because it's not a great song, but because you should have known you would have been too nervous which accounts for the shaky beginning and horribly mis-arranged ending. I did agree with Steven, you moved me to tears, just not the good kind. You're a beautiful girl who has potential, but you've got to be careful if you hope to have more weeks here let alone a real singing career.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "What should Lauren have done, Mr. White Tee?"
Ok, let's keep the comments on the contestants, Ryan, please. Ok, Lauren, seriously, you're young, but you're coming across as so young it's almost desperate. If you watched the TMZ crew go toe to toe with James when was it last week? There was one guy who told James he needed to tone it down when it comes to how he reacts to other celebrities. It's a maturity thing that when you start to break into the business you just don't go gaga all over your childhood idols. It's not dignified and it makes you look so juvenile. It's not your fault they aired all that stuff about you and your affection for this song and Miley Cyrus, but it just made you look so desperate, and that came through in your entire performance. What should you do, Lauren, sorry, but you need to grow up. You can sing, you really can, and there were glimpses of it in your performance tonight. You've got to gain confidence in yourself to ever make it here.

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  1. I felt so sorry for Lauren.