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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Perform – Paul

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Are you all asleep? There's no way you were watching what I just saw? If I were in a third-rate Vegas lounge that's not only the type of performance I'd expect, but that outfit's the pattern I'd expect to see on the wall paper. Come on Paul, you're better than this and better than your performance. I'm going to be brutally honest, Paul, but your showmanship has seen better days, and if people lift a finger to vote for you it will be based on previous weeks. That was boring and the commercials up next may be more entertaining.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "What does Paul need to do to improve?"
That's a great question. Paul in so many ways doesn't fit with this group. He's the oldest now that Naima's departed, yet he doesn't seem to be capitalizing on experience when it comes to staging his performances. Tonight's was all over the place, erratic, like a child's wind-up toy, a frenetic wind-up toy. This whole performance just reminded me of that old computer game, "Lounge Lizard Larry" was it? Something like that. If it had been me, I would had done something incredibly moving this evening. I would have planted myself on a stool, gotten rid of all the trappings, and done something like the theme from "Evergreen". I would have shown my sensitive side, but also something that really showcased my voice and my ability to command the audience with something just powerful not gimmicky.

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