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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 Perform – James

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Well, the producers definitely saved the best for last this week. You are saving the show's rating this season, James. There is no more complete performer in this year's competition. You are this season's Adam Lambert – actually rocking the house. Zakk Wylde was a special part unlike so many of the stage-cluttering messes we've witnessed this evening. If you want to win though, James, you've got to take a few risks the next couple of weeks. You and Scotty may be facing off in the finale, but he will edge you out if you cannot show another dimension or two. I have always thought you were the guy to beat, and I stand by that for another week. Great job, keep it up!

What if Ryan asked Simon, "You've faulted others for failing to take advice and then you love what James has done?"
That's the whole point of advice. You listen and you learn and you act. There's an art to following advice. You have to have confidence in yourself to follow what's good and ignore what's bad. Most importantly, if you have something good going, you can stay true to it. It's the difference between Casey and James. Casey doesn't have a good thing going, James has an amazing thing going. Now, I'd still say to James again, he's got to do a simple, no tricks, no gimmicks, no fire, sit on a stool and tear our hearts out moment performance in my book to win and not just to win but to launch a career. At his age, with his talent, with his emotional comprehension of the music, he could be a huge, huge star. He's going to need to break free a little from his reliance on this affection for heavy metal and screeching – sorry, but he's bigger than that. I believe he could deliver one of the most moving songs of all time. I saw it in him last week. He is stunning.

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