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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 7 Performance Show – Stefano

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Flirty Stafanox

Stefano performs "Closer" by Neo
Watch out Stefano, Disney® Channel should be on the line any moment. This was the kind of performance you see on a late night dinner cruise or something. Your vocals were driven, but the overall effect was glorified karaoke at best. It's unfortunate that the best performances of the evening were at the beginning, it's all been downhill since.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "Does Stefano have a future in this industry?"
Honestly, he might, but probably not without a few detours after this. Fortunately, he's young and will have plenty of opportunities. He certainly has charm and poise and his stage presence has grown by leaps and bounds. I think if the show were a year-long, he'd have a better chance. Unfortunately, there are others too far ahead of him, and he's probably in the bottom three again.

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