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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 7 Performance Show – Jacob

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Observations of Jacob the Diva
Apparently, nothing is going to be as good as Scotty's Microphone – this is an idea that needed to be thought through all the way and wasn't fully realized. It's too bad because if this has any influence on the audience, it's not quite fair.

Jacob sings Luther Vandross's "Dance with My Father"
That was one of the most wildly uneven performances of the season. There were flashes of brilliance that finally made it clear why you're here at all, but then there were some pedantic mistakes that say 'rookie' at a point in the season when we are getting closer and closer to crowning a star. Jennifer was right when she says you were emotionally on, but the overall performance lacked star quality.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "If there was a technical problem with drums in Jacob's ear, should the audience take that into account in the voting"
Stars need to deal with any contingency, so no, I don't believe they should. Does it explain anything we saw in the performance? It's difficult to see what. The audience should focus at this point in the competition on growth and where these contestants will go next. Jacob is going to have to really show us something next week. Unfortunately, he's probably going to be in the bottom three next week.

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