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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 7 Performance Show – James

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James's and the Giant Scarves Plus Screech Owl
Not quite as brilliant as the microphone piece on Scotty, a bit too cutting.

James Sings "Uprising" by Muse
James, where have I seen this before? This was a cross between the best of Adam Lambert and Lee DeWyze. You stuided up well and made none of the mistakes they made. Lee had too many bagpipers. These drummers were an inspired choice, and rather than taking the song and destroying it. You actually were true to the original in a way that was inspired. That's the first performance of the season I'm looking forward to watching again on play back. Stunning, brilliant, star quality all over it. everything that Scotty's performance was not. Your biggest danger right now is the same thing Adam had to face, and that will be the audience will begin to wonder can you do it without the theatrics? They will forget the weeping guitar and focus on the flash. So, next week's choice is going to be critical.

What if Ryan asked Simon, "What does James need to do to be number one?"
I believe he's the person to beat this year right now. To maintain his standing he's got to hope that Scotty doesn't listen to the judges and win all the votes by keeping up his energy and amazing confidence. James, though, be careful of setting the bar too high so you've got nothing to give on finale night.

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