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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 7 – Perform Live Tonight!

So, the Top 7 will be performing live tonight, and you can visit Idol Needs Simon for Zephyr Sinclair's renditions of what he thinks Simon would say about each shortly after the performances in the Mountain Time Zone. Then you can post your own comments, check if you agree, and vote for who you think will win it all!

So 'tune in' tonight to Idol Needs Simon! Tell your friends and family to check it out as well! Last week there were over 400 visits to the site in the first few hours, let's see if we can get that number way, way, way up!

Do you have any questions right now about any of the candidates you wish Simon would answer in general? Well, we don't have access to the real Simon, unfortunately, however Zephyr Sinclair is standing by ready to take a shot at what he thinks Simon might say. Nothing will ever even come close to the real thing, of course, but let Zephyr have a chance. Just post your questions as comments to this or any post and say, "What do you think Simon would say?"

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