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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Reality is "American Idol" Needs Simon Cowell Back

After sitting through another performance show in what is now a long string of utter disappointments with this season of "American Idol", those around me encouraged me to take a shot at giving the contestants what they need, and that is Simon Cowell-esque critiques. Of course, there is no earthly way to replace the real thing. Some would say no one should try. In any case, I tried. This round of critiques were written immediately after each live performance. Please read them in good humor and write your own comments. Please help spread this blog around the web so that everyone who missed Simon's candid comments can weigh in. Feel free to boo and hiss! The comments will always be moderated, so do not write comments you wouldn't post on the refrigerator at your grandmother's house, they won't be published. If you think Simon would have said something else, feel free to write your own Simon-esque.

Thank you for your time and your support!

Zephyr "Simon-Wannabe" Sinclair

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  1. Zeph, love it! I read all your critiques...must have been about the first person to find your new blog. Hilarious. Casey Abrams – Teen Wolf crossed with Dust Mop, love it. We really need Simon back! But, in the mean time, I'lll keep coming and reading your stuff? Are you planning to blog live tonight and then for the rest of the season? It would be hilarious and I think it would help people vote! Keep it real,