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Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Results Show – Commentary

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What if Ryan had asked Simon, "It seems like you were a bit nicer last night in your judge's critiques, is there anything we should know?"
You got a seven figure contract for questions like this? I'm neither nice nor mean in my critiques, I'm quite simply honest. What do developing stars need more than anything? Honesty, Ryan. They need to be told when they're terrible and when they're brilliant. When the star quality hits the stage, someone should say so. If my comments seemed more supportive, it might be a produce of eliminating those where were ghastly from the competition. This season, despite all the hype, come finalists who were actually terrible. I don't see many of them going on to anything even remotely related to music. We are finally down to a group that can sing and could be the next American Idol.

Running Commentary:

What was the point of the Brit Week send off – it was pure fluffery.

The Carole King Medley - this was simply an atrocious choice like choosing to be stuck in an elevator in Coral Gables

No offense to the creative teams behind the Ford Music Videos - but tonight's was relatively pointless.

Wow to the Crystal Bowersox performance – it's sad to see she's gone down the country road right into irrelevancy.

The AT&T® questions of the Idol finalists?  If these were the best questions submitted, they shouldn't have bothered. They were just plain dull and self-indulgent. Clearly , they were more of a plug for the concept ofthan they were of any interest to anyone. Now, I'll be there were some interesting and relevant questions in the mix.

Result Revelations
Haley is safe!  1 point for America.
Why toy with Scotty, surely he's safe.
James is safe!  2 points for America.
Lauren is safe! 3 points USA.
Results are in random order.
Jacob is safe.
Clearly, it's Casey who will be gone.

Casey Abrams was announced as the one to be eliminated.

With all due respect to Casey's musicality, this was a long-overdue.  6 points for America.  They made the right call.  

It is just a shame that the true bottom 3 were not revealed.  It certainly wasn't Scotty.  My guess is it was Jacob and Lauren.

Casey's parting shot on the kitchen counter in the mansion standing and kicking stuff off was the sort of vintage odd boggery that became his signature and his downfall. Too bad, old chap, the immaturity finally took its toll.

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